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These are items which previously appeared on our Home page's "News & Features" area. Please note that over time, links in some of these items may become outdated.

Submit to Open Access Journals
Through the UC Libraries' memberships and subscriptions, UC authors may publish in many open-access venues for reduced or no cost. This page lists many of these options for authors.
What's That Butterfly?
Read more about our fluttering friends that are all over campus. (March 2005)
We've Moved!
The Biomedical Library is now located in the Geisel Library building! You'll find us on the lower level, west wing, north.
directions to Geisel Library
our location in Geisel Library
floor plan showing desk, collections (PDF)
book drop location near SOM
(January 2005)
UCSD research in PubMed
Locate UCSD authors and researchers in medicine and biomedicine using this handy tool written by Gautam Bahl, MSIII.
(May 2004)
Saltman Quarterly
Students in the Division of Biological Sciences have launched a new "undergraduate journal of science" named in honor of Paul Saltman. Congratulations on the launch!
Used eyeglasses are being collected during April by UCSD students for Unite for Sight for distribution in developing countries. Drop boxes are at the Biomedical Library and Geisel Library.
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E-Journals News:
AMA: JAMA and Archives journals are currently unavailable again. We are still in negotiations, but our site-wide access has been withdrawn by AMA.
E-Journals News:
Cell Press: journals available!
Elsevier: more older journals online
AMA: JAMA and Archives journals are available again, at least for now. (January 2004)
Open Access Publishing
PubMed Central, Public Library of Science, eScholarship... find out more about these new ventures - and new publishing opportunities. (October 2003)
NB: these pages were removed in Fall 2005 as they were very links-intensive and a new Scholarly Publishing page will replace them.
Closure Notice 10/27-10/29:
Because of the health and safety issues related to the fires in San Diego, UCSD classes were cancelled and library staff asked not to come to work. (October 2003)
MDConsult Survey
Do you use MDConsult? Tell us why (or why not) on this brief survey during October 2003. (Survey now deactivated) (October 2003)
Nature Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
Comprehensive reference work for the biological sciences, featuring nearly 3000 entries and a prestigious international panel of editors and authors. (September 2003)
New Melvyl Catalog
Update your bookmarks - previous Melvyl retired.
Melvyl transition info (guides, etc)
Try the new interface
(August 2003)
Older Journals Move to Annex
About 50,000 journal volumes are moving to the Annex to make room for our construction project. These include most journals before 1993, and more recent journals for which we have stable online access. Journals may be requested via our online request form. These journals will remain in the Annex for the duration of the construction project - about two years. (July 2003)
Print Journal Cancellation
Due to budget cutbacks, we must cancel journals for 2004. Our proposed lists of low-use and print journals with stable online access are available with a feedback form. (May 2003)
DNA: 50th Anniversary of First Publication of Structure
Collection of links including reproductions of Watson & Crick's original papers. (April 2003)
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